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Kathak Darpan Trust is the only institute to provide certification courses from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya and Kavi Kalidas Kulguru University. Kathak Darpan has curated an array of different courses to suit the needs of everyone.  Whether you are 6 or 60, Kathak Darpan has programs curated to suit all different backgrounds.

With the help of workshops, regular classes, and events, we help you learn Kathak with the right mentors.

Neha Bannerji the founder of Kathak Darpan is a Disciple of Padma Bhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj

Neha is a Visharadh in Kathak Dance  

Trained by Pt., Birju Maharaj (kalasharam); Mrs. Utsa Banerjee; and Smt. Shila Mehta with expertise in Rajasthani folk, Ghumar, Chari, and Kalbelia. She helps dance lovers learn and celebrate Kathak. She has successfully organized numerous workshops and events, helping her students at Kathak Darpan cherish the dance form.

Client’s Need

After the death of pt. Birju Maharaj, Neha’s guru and a pioneer in the Kathak community, Neha organized an event in order to pay respect to her master and remember his love for art, named SMRITI FESTIVAL. She reached out to Rittz Digital a week before the event and requested that we carry out the promotional campaign for the event and manage her institute, Kathak Darpan’s, digital and social media platforms for the entire event, Smriti Festival, which would be held for two days combining various performances of numerous artists who are related to India’s culture and art, performing Bharatanatyam, Odissi, and Carnatic music. 

The huge event was planned with various Padma Shree awardees as chief guests, and they were in need of event visibility among the audience, who share a similar love for Kathak and other dance forms. Neha needed her event campaigns to attract the right people within a week before the event, and we were given the responsibility of creating a successful campaign as well as a summary of the event once it was done.


Rittz Digital Enters The Picture

Rittz Digital took on the challenge, though it was a last-minute call. Planning and executing in order to meet our client’s requirements was the only thought throughout the process. Our digital marketing experts with over a decade of experience and a team of Gen Z who are updated with the current social media trends decided to take up the challenge. We listed out the requirements of our client and came up with a step-by-step procedure, which was risky because if one error had occurred, the client’s demands would have been incomplete, but we were steps ahead of the error as Rittz Digital has an in-house team of camera executives who could give a visual treat with reels and video editors and fine designers to carry out the planned task. 

Thus began the 7 days challenge to gather a community who share the love for art as much as our client and to pull up strategic visual content on every social media platform that keeps the old audience hooked as well as promotes visibility to the right audience. We sure wanted to succeed in this challenge, and kudos to our team, who were dedicated to creating visual content and creatives within the week’s span. Our marketers were ready to promote in the proper path and track the leads within a short amount of time. We were glad to come up with a plan that could easily reach the goals we had in mind. We came up with shortcuts that could help our team tackle the challenges we had. 

Plan Strategy Execution

As a Hybrid Marketing Agency, we at Rittz Digital planned our event marketing campaign for the Smriti Festival to be in both traditional and modern / ways of marketing. Our team of designers created posters with attention-grabbing content. We planned with the resources from our client and found spots where the marketing campaign could get easier and turn around the expected success rate. 

It was time to execute our plans and await the results our article in the Hindu newspaper was designed and published our team created numerous posters with the idea of sharing information on the pioneers and performers which built curiosity among the dance lovers to hear and learn from their idols. We published multiple reels with the idea of invitational speeches by key performers and Neha bannerji herself. As planned, the reels and creatives reached our targeted audience. We kept track by posting the link on every story we created, and every creative that ran as an ad would track the number of impressions created by those creatives and videos.

So, came the day of the event, with workshops in the morning by Kathak’s pioneer and guru Saswati senji and an event by evening. Our team of visual content creators went ahead with the proper types of equipment needed to cover the event and came up with a testimonial set up at the entrance of the event hall where people and kathak dancers volunteered to share their testimonials, and the entire event was covered with shots apt for reels.  One of our team members spontaneously worked to upload Instagram and Facebook stories of each event once the show started up until the final program of the event.


Well, this is a success story. As obvious as it sounds, we did succeed in bringing in the audience we were expecting. Our campaign reached another level Neha was so happy with the regular update about marketing for the coming event as well as the entire coverage done by our team to handle Kathak Darpan’s social media page, but the real twist was the impressions and reach. It attained a solid 110% increase in leads, something we were shocked to see, and we were able to convert more than half of those leads into potential audiences with our regular updates on social media pages. 

Here is the data on the impressions and reach created in 7 days

Smriti Festival Meta Ads Data – Impressions 39,868 & Reach 32,928

Website Users: 307

Unique Users: 298


Reached +65.6% Compared to Past Months

The client was really happy about the results and performance of our team, even though it was a last-minute call, Our dedication to the client’s goal impressed Neha, and people from the client’s guest list appreciated the look and way Kathak Darpan’s page was carried out during the Smriti Festival. Promoting an event to a large audience within a week became a piece of cake for Rittz.

Neha Bannerji
Neha Bannerji
Creative Director

What Neha say About our Services

We had a wonderful experience working with Rittz Digital. The social media company efficiently and effectively promoted the "SMRITHI FESTIVAL" event to a large audience quickly.

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